Warmcore Aluminium High Performance Windows

Built around a belief that beauty doesn’t have to compromise performance, Weathershield Warmcore aluminium windows were created out of a desire to combine the desirability and durability of aluminium with unparalleled insulation. The unique, full width thermal core is key to why Weathershield windows are up to 75% more thermally efficient than traditional New Zealand aluminium systems.

Built With A Revolutionary Thermal Core At Its Heart

Strong and secure, Weathershield Warmcore windows come with multi-point locking and are backed by a 10 year product guarantee – helping keep you and your home safe. Available as casement awning, sliding and bi-fold window. Weathershield Warmcore windows are the perfect warm, secure and quality window for your home.

Triple Glazing – For Ultimate Thermal Performance

Robustly designed to take the weight of triple glazed units as standard, choose this option for the ultimate thermal performance – at least 75% better than standard double glazed aluminium windows.

Opting for 44mm triple glazing rather than standard 28mm double glazing reduces the whole window U-Value rating from 1.15 to 0.74. Triple glazing is ideal for Weathershield Warmcore windows installed in exposed locations.


better thermal performance than standard double glazed aluminum windows.

Weathershield Warmcore, The Warmer Choice That Saves You Money

The traditional weakness of aluminium windows has been the aluminium itself. While a beautifully strong and hard-wearing material, aluminium is a good conductor of energy, meaning that the warmth from your home finds an easy path outside, leaving you colder and with higher heating bills. Most aluminium systems try to overcome this inherent weakness by replacing a section of aluminium with a small thermal break of less conductive material to lessen this heat loss.

Synseal Extrusions in the UK took a different approach, from inception this revolutionary window and door system was designed to be as thermally efficient as possible. Built around a full width UPVC thermal core – maximising the use of lower conductivity material – Warmcore is up to 75% more efficient at keeping heat in your home than traditional aluminium window solutions, yet it doesn’t compromise strength as the outer faces of the profile are high grade aluminium, positioned to add the greatest structural rigidity.

Modern, uncluttered aesthetics

Cutting Edge Design

With clean, modern lines, Weathershield creates windows with a refined and understated beauty. Perfectly suited to modern architecture as well as replacement projects.

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